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Ferme du Champ des grâmes

Directe selling of pork since 1987. Farm Holiday Cottage.

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Pork of farm

Since 1988, we produce pork meat. Our pigs are breeded outside and fed with our grains, dried by sun (sieve) and grinded in the farm.
Meat and pork products are cooked in our laboratory according to traditional methods.

We sell our products directly to consumers: in our farm, in markets, and also for works council and CSA (Community-supported agriculture).

Voir nos produits

Roast, filet mignon, round steak (order), spare rib, knuckle (order), pork sauté, grill meat.

Pork products :
Saucissons (pork, pork with walnut, in oil, smoked), sausage (to cook, to grill, of rind, with herbs), chipolatas, spicy chipolatas (during summer), jésu cuit
Ham (raw or smoked), shoulder, bacon
Cotis, lard, poiterine roulée
Pâté, mousse de foie (Pâté with liver), graton, rillettes, caillettes
Boudin (from 15th october to 30th april)

Saturday mornings in the farm or with appointment (+33 4 75 45 60 30).
Un brin de marché saturdays morning (26260 Saint-Donat-sur-l'Herbasse)